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Air Freight


Global airfreight is a highly dynamic business with constantly changing demands and capacities. In this volatile environment, we will be your reliable partner allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of your airfreight logistics. With a wide range of products, service levels, and value-added services, we are sure to find the right solution for you.

Our international air cargo partners move freight all over the world, including door-to-door shipments. We provide customers with great rates on international airfreight shipping and full visibility of their international shipments from origin to destination.

We know what goes into the process of shipping by air because we’ve been handling import and export air shipments for over 10 years. Our customers’ freight travels on a long journey, so it is imperative that no detail is missed. From packaging and cargo measurements to scheduling route times and customs clearance, our team provides expert guidance and instant communication so our customers can expand their global footprint.

Airfreight Quality Worldwide

Our airfreight network comprising of a balanced set-up of gateways in key markets and local operations enables us to provide quality airfreight services on a global scale.

Our offices on-site ensure quick and knowledgeable local customer service. For selected industries we have leveraged our long lasting expertise into a range of industry-specific solutions tailored to meet your Healthcare, Automotive, Perishables or Fashion needs.

Pick the delivery speed that best serves your needs:


Fastest delivery: Direct flights or next-flight-out – the best solution for your urgent air freight cargo


Consistency on-demand: The reliable air freight solution to match your transit time requirements with market-efficiencies


Freight consolidation: The perfect mix of lead-time-flexibility and cost-aspects


  • Partners with a long list of carriers to keep costs low
  • Perishable cargo
  • Animals
  • Consolidation services
  • Robust purchase order management capabilities
  • User-friendly Track and Trace
  • Expedited and deferred services
  • End-to-end transparency
  • Cargo Insurance
Let's Do Business

Value Added Services

To best cater to your needs, we offer a set of additional value-add services, allowing us to tailor our product for you. We can provide additional insurance, customs brokerage, or special handling for non-standard cargo.

Special Handling

We can handle not only standard cargo but also oversized cargo, heavy lifts, dangerous goods, and valuables with special origin and destination handling including individual trucking solutions.


Especially for Healthcare or Perishables cargo but also for any other temperature-sensitive cargo we offer temperature-controlled services with several temperature ranges, passive packaging and protection services, and GDP compliant where necessary.

Buyers Consolidation

We can take care of your multiple incoming shipments, consolidate via one of our warehouses around the world and provide you with one consolidated shipment for your ease.

At a Glance

  • Comprehensive global Airfreight network
  • Local service & support
  • Capacities on all major trade lanes
  • Industry specific solutions

A Partnership For All Your Air Cargo Transportation Needs.

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Unit Loading Device Information

FYI : Unit Load Devices

Whatever the size and weight of your shipment, our air freight agents have a unit load device that suits.

For air freight, airline pallets or air containers need to be designed for the fuselage of each aircraft type and are known as ULDs (Unit Load Devices). These different airline pallet sizes make optimal use of the space available as well as making loading and unloading easy and fast.

The most frequently used containers in air transport

Plates or aerial pallets: These are flat metal surfaces that are usually made of aluminium, on which the goods are tied down using nets or meshes to hold the cargo securely in place during flight. The stowage of the goods can be adapted to the contour of the plane’s hold so as to make the best use of the available space.

P1P PAG Pallet containers

PGA Pallet containers

P6P PMC Pallet containers

Containers: They are the equivalent of sea containers, but there is a greater variety of shapes and sizes because of the different aircraft used. There are also different types of container depending on purpose, such as refrigerated, lateral opening, airtight or ventilated.

LD3 AKE AVE Container

LD9 AAP Container

M1 AMA Container