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Door to Door Services


Our company focuses on high standards of quality and service, offering our customers a full range of services related to the transportation and customs clearance of export and import goods on a “door-to-door” basis.

INFINITE ILS is providing door to door services from or to Vietnam. Our competitive rates for these “all-in” services are enabling you to receive your goods asap, while being the less involved possible during the transfer. Contact us to learn more.

How can we define a door-to-door service?

A door-to-door service is the most complete transfer solution, because all the steps are handled by only one entity, your freight forwarder. Thereby, INFINITE ILS can take the full process in charge in Vietnam and in your country. You don’t have to hire a local forwarder to accomplish the national part of the transfer. This is what an “All-inclusive” freight service means.

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This service is very flexible. Indeed, you can choose the pickup place of your goods:

  • At your supplier’s facilities
  • At the port or airport of departure…

You decide where your goods will be brought:

  • In your facilities
  • At the terminal of the port or airport of arrival
  • At your client’s address…

Of course, we can organize this service on the opposite way, from your country to Vietnam.

Door-to-door delivery is giving 2 major advantages:

The first is that you will be implied the least possible. You can spend your saved time doing what you do the best and let your freight forwarder handle the whole transfer for you.

The second is that by centralizing the responsibility of the entire process, you don’t have to communicate to several forwarders, that are partially managing the transfer. This enable to avoid risks of misunderstanding, and unpredicted added costs. Indeed, you will only pay one bill, integrating all the transport phases of your goods.

How does a door to door solution differ from a conventional freight forwarder service?

The customer will benefit from a door to door service and will, therefore, have no steps to manage. Even during the customs clearance process, we will be your eyes and your mouth to declare your goods at customs. Note that you can be contacted by our import department in order to pay the potential duties and taxes which will allow your goods to be released and delivered.

The Express Door-To-Door Service (Courier)

If your goods are measuring less than 1 CBM and 150 kgs, you can benefit of our express door-to-door services. Hence, we will send your shipment with the greatest express companies, like FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS.

Why should I send my parcel through your services in express, instead of doing it myself?

This question is legitimate, and the answer isn’t complicated. Simply because you will benefit of our privileged relations with this companies, as we’re giving them a great volume of business. This enables us to have preferential rates for their services. Thereby, the rates we will provide you will be lower than if you’re directly contacting them.

Port-to-Door delivery service refers to pick up items at the airport (airport)/port (freight terminal) and deliver to the designated places (Warehouse/Factory Warehouse/Residential/Business Address) which is decided by the shipper or consignee.

Door-to-Door delivery service refers to pick up and deliver the items at the designated places (Warehouse/Factory Warehouse/Residential/Business Address)which is decided by the shipper or consignee.

Door-to-Port delivery service refer to pick up at the designated places (Warehouse/Factory Warehouse/Residential/Business Address) and deliver to the airport (airport)/port (freight terminal) which is decided by the shipper or consignee.

The shippers would be responsible for loading the containers/parcels. Then, the carriers receive the containers/ parcels from shippers’ warehouse/factory and handle to full shipping procedures until the containers/parcels reach the consignees’ warehouse/factory.  The whole process is called as Door-to-Door.

International delivery offers door-to-door pick-up and delivery services: the courier will pick-up at the designated shipper’s address (Warehouse/Factory Warehouse/Residential/Business Address) and deliver the designated consignee’s address (Warehouse/Factory Warehouse/Residential/Business Address).

INFINITE ILS, provides air, sea, rail and courier port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-door, door-to-port and last mile delivery services. You can give it to the carrier with peace of mind, your goods can arrive safely to the designated destination.