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Sea freight


Reliable lead times, available cargo capacity, and competitive rates are essential in global sea freight. But how many global logistics companies do you know that place customer proximity and personal service at the heart of their service?

Sea freight shipping has become increasingly faster, more reliable and remains one of the most advantageous modes of economical international transport.

Port to port & door to door, INFINITE ILS is your single-source solution, keeping your business movin’, guaranteeing capacity, securing the most timely departures and offering the most competitive carrier rate options.

Sea Freight Solutions on schedule

We interpret business relationships as partnerships. Because close and trustful cooperation enables us to understand your needs and to develop optimal sea freight solutions together. In doing so, we focus on sustainable concepts that contribute to your business success.

Our expertise in a global network, close relationships with the world’s leading shipping companies, combined with the continuous development of our digital tools, ensure the smooth transport of your shipments – from one source and across all oceans of the world.

We transport full-container-loads (FCL), less-than-container-loads (LCL) as well as complete project shipments according to your requirements to the point of destination. Customs clearance, precise shipment documentation, and the thorough handling of your goods are only a part of our product portfolio.


  • Licensed FMC NVOCC
  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL)
  • Direct Ocean Carrier Contracts
  • Multi-vendor consolidation services
  • Robust Purchase Order Management Capabilities
  • Cross Trade
  • Landed Cost Analysis
  • User-friendly online Track and Trace
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Refrigerated Container Services
  • Cargo Insurance
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Licensed FMC NVOCC
Full Container Load (FCL)
Less than Container Load (LCL)


INFINITE ILS is FMC bonded under OTI # 12345 as registered foreign based NVOCC.

By registration with FMC as foreign based NVOCC, we are now in position to better serve our customers and partners with more competitive and flexible solutions.

Reliable capacities on all ships of the leading shipping companies, a high density of departures to all international shipping areas, and worldwide competence centers ensure unrivaled FCL service.

Full-Service for FCL
Our close relationships with the world’s leading shipping companies and our centrally controlled capacity management guarantee you access to a high density of sailings in all trade lanes and the required cargo space. Our globally active competence centers manage pre- and on-carriage and guarantee flexibility and security within your supply chains.

High service standards for LCL shipments through a large number of direct departures, a global gateway network with area-wide consolidation possibilities, and complete shipment monitoring.

Comprehensive Consolidation Capabilities
Our LCL team operate in a global gateway network with comprehensive consolidation capabilities. Together with our high range of direct departures, we reduce cargo handling and offer you the best possible service for your part load all around the world. We document and monitor the progress of your shipment electronically in our operating system and provide you with real-time status information.

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

We believe in enabling our customers to remain in command of their sup-ply chain at all times through seamless visibility which support the efforts to thrive in existing and new markets.

Tailor-made solutions for your growth strategy

  • Efficient quality control
  • Optimization on demand and fulfillment
  • Cost control & improvement – shipping & final landing costs
  • Efficient supply chain process for better and faster lead and delivery times
At a Glance:
  • You stay in full control of your shipment
  • Purchase order management with vendor Management
  • Real-time visibility on orders
  • Buyers consolidation

Ocean shipping and go global with ease


Let us help you get ready to ship

No need to search anymore – contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will find you the best and most reliable carrier for your cargo.


Sea Freight Rules & Regulations

SOLAS – Verified Gross Mass
IMO 2020

SOLAS is the International Convention on Safety Of Life At Sea. Recent amendments to this convention will have a fundamental impact on how we have to manage the movement of containerized cargoes within the International Supply Chain.

IMO 2020 is a new International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation for the use of Low Sulphur Fuel effective Jan 1st, 2020. This regulation is the largest in a series of IMO measures to reduce marine pollution across the entire shipping industry and ultimately achieve a CO2 emission reduction consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goals. The regulation will see a decrease in the sulfur content in fuel from 3.5% to 0.5% (mass by mass).

Nine years after the last revision, the new Incoterms® 2020 from ICC came into effect on January 1, 2020. The new terms grasp significant changes, regardless of being a buyer or seller, these new terms may be noteworthy to you. Here’s everything you need to know.

Mandatory shipping documents

Here’s a checklist of all the mandatory documents you will be needing, wherever you ship to and/or from.

  • Arrival notice
    A document we send to the buyer or their contact person to let them know your shipment has arrived.
  • Packing list
    An important ocean freight document. Like it name says, it’s a detailed list of what’s in each container, how much you’re shipping, and your cargo’s destination.
  • Commercial invoice
    A key ocean freight document. The seller (exporter) sends this invoice to the buyer (importer). You need it during the customs clearance process.
  • Bill of lading
    The bill of lading is the transportation contract which you’ll get from us. It includes all important shipment documents. The bill of lading is also proof the carrier received the goods in good
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Also think about this

Taxes and duties

Each country has its own ways of calculating duty and VAT, which is added to the goods you import. How much you pay depends on the type of goods and its commercial value. We recommend you calculate the total duty and VAT cost before you import.

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Know your HS code

Harmonised System, or HS for short, is an international standardised system of names and numbers. It’s used to classify different freights.

You need the HS code for each individual product in your shipment for customs clearance. In every country, customs use HS to calculate the import duties and charges. Each HS code comes with its own import duties. HS codes usually have 8 characters and include letters and numbers. Some countries add an additional 2 to 4 characters to the HS code.

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