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08 Criterias for Choosing Prestigious Logistics Service Provider

08 Criterias for Choosing Prestigious Logistics Service Provider

Today, the majority of organizations place a high priority on concentrating their resources on their core operations. As a matter of course, activities related to warehousing, freight, import and export procedures will be outsourced. Therefore, the evaluation of enterprises operating in the prestigious logistics industry plays an extremely important role in the production and business activities of each enterprise. So how to evaluate the Prestigious Logistics Service Provider, all will be answered in detail in the article below.

Prestigious Logistics service provider will have

The capacity and quality of service of the supplier

When choosing a partner, every business takes a variety of criteria, including above that is service quality. A firm expects from a logistics supplier professionalism, prestige, affordable charges, a standard delivery time in the contract, great service attitude, etc.

The company’s capacity profile, clear and full legal information, and especially the services provided in compliance with customer obligations are used to evaluate the reputation and professionalism of the supplier.  The capacity profile is reflected in the scale, services provided, legal profile, mission, vision of the business, human capacity, typical partners, etc. The opinions of previous clients should also be taken into account, since they reflect a freight forwarder’s reputation, which you should research before selecting.

The company’s dependability is demonstrated by its ability to meet all requirements, including those for on-time delivery, assuring product safety, and prompt customer service. The unit under consideration must have sufficient capacity to meet the business’s transportation requirements. Try to ask yourself: What services does the unit offer? Do these services meet the needs of your business? Is the business’s network extensive or not? The carrier must possess the tools and assets required, as well as the ability to guarantee the integrity of the shipment being carried.

Logistics is an essential part in business activities

Service fees and payment methods

Freight is a constant consideration for firms in any deal to employ logistics services. In terms of freight rates, transportation industries currently face intense rivalry. Businesses now have the chance to select a service provider with the most affordable price with ease. The flexible payment option frequently protects both your ability to pay as well as the supplier receiving adequate money for their work.

However, you shouldn’t choose a logistics provider with excessively low shipping costs. Since low-cost services may also have bad quality. Additionally, you should pick companies with favored policies in order to maximize the best costs for their commercial activities. 

Customer care service

When the consumer uses a service, how the business treat customers is given precedence.  A company with professional staff, dedicated service will attract large customers, because they always know how to create trust and comfort in using the service.

Choosing the right Logistics provider is a key to sucess
Choosing the right Logistics provider is a key to sucess

Cargo insurance terms

Customers that outsource logistics services always want their goods to be secure. However, it is equally inevitable that unplanned events result in property damage and loss. To safeguard the interests of clients in the event that the goods are damaged in transportation, reputable logistics businesses will be required to enter into insurance contracts with strict terms. Make sure the company you choose has cargo insurance.

Delivery time

Only when the goods are shipped and delivered on time, can you ensure that your business is not delayed or interrupted. A lot of customers complain about the delay of delivery not on time promised. Therefore, the criterion of speed and time is also a point to evaluate whether the Logistics company is really reputable for you to entrust or not.

Make sure the provider you choose has cargo insurance.
Make sure the provider you choose has cargo insurance.


Ability to react and deal with unexpected customer scenarios is a sign of flexibility. With regards to unusual specifications or changes made in the midst of a project, many logistics suppliers are rather hesitant. That always makes businesses wonder if those units are really reliable or not. hus, before choosing a long-term partner, think about their capacity to adapt to your changing needs.

Customer experience

Creating trust with customers is also an extremely important criterion of logistics companies, because it will reduce customers’ worries when using the service.

This is reflected in the level of satisfaction and satisfaction of customers’ needs when using the service. Is the employee’s conduct respectful of consumers and professionals as determined by their working attitude? This criterion also helps create customer sympathy for the company. Quality customer service is a factor you should not ignore, because it directly affects your satisfaction when using the services. In addition, the provider will also make commitments to ensure the interests of customers through the company’s transportation services.

Warehousing quality

The quality of the warehouse will reflect the standards and safety of the goods. The warehouse serves as both a gathering point for commodities and a corporation that coordinates their transportation. In order to assure safety, the warehouse system must be hygienic, anti-mold, transportable, and equipped with a firefighting system.

Infinite – prestigious Logistics service provider

Infinite Co., Ltd provides customers with the most prestigious and quality logistics services. With 14 years of expertise in the transportation industry, particularly in the sector of Door-to-door, Infinite is therefore among the best service providers. Team of experienced professionals and dedicated work will meet all the transportation needs of customers from the smallest packages to bulky shipments.

Infinite - prestigious Logistics service provider
Infinite – prestigious Logistics service provider

Air Freight

Shipping furniture, technology, agricultural products, garments, electronics, mechanical goods by air to countries (USA, China, Korea, Japan, UK, France).

Team of experienced professionals and dedicated work will meet all the transportation needs of customers from the smallest packages to bulky shipments. Providing transportation services for various types of goods:

  • Common goods;
  • Fresh goods, frozen food;
  • Perishable goods;
  • Special product;
  • Hazardous goods;
  • Personal baggage…

Sea Freight

Receive and ship furniture abroad, machinery and technology, garments, electrical and mechanical equipment to countries (USA, China, Korea, Japan, UK, France …) by sea. International transportation of containers, retail packages to foreign nations by sea:

  • Full Container Load – FCL: 20 feet, 40 feet, 40 HQ, REF (refrigerated containers)
  • Less Container Load – LCL: The goods are smaller than 10m3 and cannot fit within the container.
  • Bulk: Items that cannot be put in a container but must be packed on the deck or in the hold. For instance, machinery that is enormous, lengthy, or larger than the container, such as cranes and construction equipment.


Advantages of door to door delivery service

  • Pick up and deliver goods to customers: Customers don’t need to spend much effort. Just choose your pick up and drop off points. Goods will be picked up and delivered by the service provider. Saves both time and effort for service users.
  • Goods are guaranteed quality through door-to-door delivery service, unlike other youth shipping services.
  • Time of delivery – receipt of goods and transportation of goods is a direct agreement of the parties with each other. There are no restrictions on time or place from one side.