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Air Freight – All You Need to Know: Definitions, Rules & Benefits

Air Freight – All You Need to Know: Definitions, Rules & Benefits

Currently, the international transportation service industry is accounting for a large proportion in the country and globally, opening up many open opportunities for the aviation industry. With the need to transport goods quickly and safely, air freight services have become more popular than ever. Read the following article for a better understanding of this transport!

What is Air Freight?

Air Freight is the use of aircraft to carrying goods. This is the method by which goods are transported by specialized cargo aircraft (Cargo Aircraft, or Freighter), or carried in the belly of passenger aircraft (Passenger Plane). Air cargo accounts for a small proportion of the total weight of international freight (less than 0.5%), but they are valuable commodities, representing around 30 percent of the total goods’ value. 

Prohibited items in Air Ocean Cargo Logistics

Shipping goods by sea or by air, etc. also have specific principles. Not all items can be imported or exported, or use air ocean cargo logistics services easily. Here are some disallowed items that are not transported in the air ocean cargo logistics that every customer needs to keep in mind. To avoid the situation of goods being detained, inspected, even having legal problems.

1. Hazardous goods

Items and materials that endanger the environment or human health are considered dangerous commodities. In addition to compounds with obvious dangers such as acids, radioactive substances, poisons, explosives, et, there are also substances with hidden dangers like magnets, wheelchairs powered by wet batteries, pesticides, breathing equipment with compressed gas,… They are also regarded as dangerous goods that may not be transported in the air ocean cargo logistics service industry.

Items that cannot be brought on airplane are:

  • Explosives such as bombs, mines, detonators, fireworks, fireworks, bullets and other explosives, etc.
  • Flammable substances such as metal, liquefied gas, alcohol, etc. or flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, paint, solvents, etc. Additionally, it is forbidden to transport flammable solids and chemicals in planes.
  • Poisons; infectious substances; corrosive substances such as acids, salts; oxidizing agents, organic detergents, etc.
  • Objects attached to alarm systems such as briefcases, safes, etc.
  • Items that are prohibited from being transported according to the current regulations of the countries and territories that airplane travels to, from, or over.
  • Any material that could endanger passengers is prohibited.
The list of air cargo is quite limited.
The list of air cargo is quite limited.

2. Fragile goods

Fragile items such as glass, wine bottles, etc. are not allowed from being transported in air ocean cargo logistics. However, in case the customer accepts to bear all risks during shipment, the goods will be transported at your request.

3. Fresh food

Fresh, perishable goods cannot be delivered, or they can only be shipped under specific restrictions. For example, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers and fruits that have been cut from the stem.

Like fragile items, if you accept carriage as checked baggage and accept any damage that may occur in transit, the shipping may be considered.

For fresh items such as shrimp, durian, fish sauce, etc. with unpleasant odor-causing properties, will not be transported as checked baggage or hand luggage. Unless these items are carefully wrapped and packed without emitting an odor, they can be transported, but are limited in weight; for example only about 3 liters or 3 kilograms for fish sauce, 5 kilograms for durian.

4. Liquids

Do not bring more than 1 liter of liquid with you and hand luggage. Exceptions include liquids, gels, medications (bring a prescription from a doctor), food or milk for babies (must be accompanied by infants), dietary supplements for medical treatment or other foods. 

5. Other

Items with monetary value such as jewelry, precious metals, securities, commercial documents, artworks, etc. are also considered prohibited items not delivered in the logistics service industry.

Pros and cons of air freight


  • High speed: This is the biggest strength of this type, the average cargo or passenger aircraft has an average speed of about 800-1000km/h. Compared to the water or the roads, it is far superior.
  • High safety: Air transportation will give the highest level of safety. Unintentional risks are very small, independent of the natural terrain.
  • Unobstructed by topographical surfaces such as roads or waterways: therefore, it is possible to connect almost all countries in the world. This fosters favorable conditions for trading and circulating goods.
  • Fast, on-time service: thanks to the very fast airspeed and the often high-value or perishable cargo characteristics
  • Minimizing the loss caused by damage, breakage, or petty theft.
  • Shipping insurance: is lower than ocean cargo and road transport due to less risk than other modes
  • Warehousing fees are usually quite low thanks to the characteristics of goods and the speed of processing procedures quickly…
Air Freight has various outstanding advantages
Air Freight has various outstanding advantages


Besides the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, air transport services still have certain limitations.

  • The cost for each shipment is enormous.  Air freight rates are considered to be the highest of all current means of transportation. Tons are used as the measurement unit for sea transport, whereas kilograms are used for air freight.
  • Because of high freight rates, the mode of transport is often used to transport high-value goods, not applicable to low-value shipments. In other words, the list of goods is quite limited.
  • Unsuitable for transporting heavy objects. Cabin size and aircraft door size are limiting factors. The actual tonnage of the aircraft is not as large as a ship.
  • Air freight is strictly inspected. Because it is related to the laws and regulations of each country. This is to ensure flight safety purposes. Flammable, high-risk goods will be refused transportation.
  • Resistant to negative effects from the weather. As soon as there is a change in the weather, the flight is immediately canceled. This is extremely inconvenient and will result in the goods being stagnant.

Infinite Air Freight service

Infinite Co., Ltd provides customers with the most prestigious and quality air freight services. We currently represent the majority of significant airlines in the Vietnam market. Thanks to the regular volume of goods shipped together with a large volume with many incentives and warranty commitments, our company is being favored by many individual and corporate customers.

With 14 years of expertise in the transportation industry, particularly in the sector of international air freight transport, Infinite is therefore among the best transportation service unit for companies that are in need of air freight. As a leading company in this field, we collaborate with a number of major airlines, including China Airlines (CI), Korea Airlines (ICN), Japan Airlines (KIX), and many other low-cost and & quality carriers. Shipping furniture, technology, agricultural products, garments, electronics, mechanical goods by air to countries (USA, China, Korea, Japan, UK, France).

Infinite is among the top transportation service providers for businesses who require air freight
Infinite is among the top transportation service providers for businesses who require air freight

Team of experienced professionals and dedicated work will meet all the transportation needs of customers from the smallest packages to bulky shipments. Providing transportation services for various types of goods:

  • Common goods;
  • Fresh goods, frozen food;
  • Perishable goods;
  • Special product;
  • Hazardous goods;
  • Personal baggage…

Our transportation services include:

  • Regular flight service with low fare. Shipping goods to the US, countries in Europe with flight time from 2-3 days and 1-2 days for Asian countries.
  • Express service: Commit to deliver goods to the destination within 12 hours for Asia and receive goods within the day for areas in Europe and America.
  • Multimodal transportation: combine sea and air freight to reduce costs but still ensure timely delivery to the specified location as required.
  • Shipping fresh food, dangerous goods, according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • Cargo transportation service imported from major airports in the world to Noi Bai (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh) airports in Vietnam
  • Domestic transportation service: receive goods from Tan Son Nhat airports and deliver to Da Nang and Noi Bai airports.

Additional services:

  • Transporting import and export goods from the warehouse to the airport and vice versa.
  • Package delivery service: Door-to-door.
  • Packing and unloading goods.
  • Free consultation services.

Why choose Infinite international Air Freight

  • Although the shipping cost is high, it is accompanied by a fast delivery time and high safety, so this is the preferred mode of transport for many people. Coming to Infinite, you will be provided with quality service at the most favorable prices for all goods you consign from domestic to international shipping.
  • When using our service, you will always be assured of the safety of your goods. Committed to deliver the cargo to the specified place and on time specified in the contract with fast speed.
  • Staff with many professional skills along with hospitality will assist you as much as we can. Cooperate with Infinite and become a long-term partner, you will enjoy many special discounts for loyal customers.

The primary service of Infinite is international air freight. We specialize in providing advantageous air freight rates for the import and export of goods to more than 200 nations worldwide. Our company always prioritizes client satisfaction, and strives to improve the quality of service for customers.