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Increase Global Connectivity With the Help of Air Ocean Cargo Logistics

Increase Global Connectivity With the Help of Air Ocean Cargo Logistics

Today, logistics is widely applied in many fields on a global scale to effectively address human needs. Therefore, logistics services were born and developed strongly to bring optimal efficiency for business activities as well as meet the transportation needs of the economy market. In this article, we will learn specifically about air ocean cargo logistics – one of the most popular types of logistics.

What is logistics and air ocean cargo logistics?


Logistics service first appeared in the military, it resembles an approach to sorting out supply. Later, logistics services were applied more widely, in science and technology, business, transportation, informatics, etc. Compared to its initial nature, it now has different features.

Therefore, logistics services can be understood simply as managing the flow of goods, services and related information from the first point of origin to the point of final consumption in order to meet customer requirements. In this chain of activities, the transport factor plays a key role. Therefore, there is a concept that logistics refers to the transportation of products.

Air Ocean Cargo Logistics

This is a combined logistics method between sea and air. More specifically, the delivery of goods from the place of production to the consumer must be transported by sea, then by plane or vice versa. This is also called Multimodal Transport – combining two or more modes of transportation.

Air Ocean Cargo Logistics
Air Ocean Cargo Logistics is a combined logistics method

Air Ocean Cargo Logistics is frequently used to ship commodities from places in the Far East to Europe  specialized in delivering valuable items like cameras and electronic parts, as well as seasonal items like clothing, children’s toys, shoes, etc.

Normally, after being transported by sea to ports, goods must be delivered as soon as possible to the intended receiver. Therefore, air shipping will be the most efficient way of delivering cargo to the mainland while maintaining their seasonality and preserving their value.

With the intention of utilizing the supremacy of the global network and the huge capacity and low transportation costs of sea transport with the superiority of the international network and fast speed of air transport

Prohibited items in Air Ocean Cargo Logistics

Shipping goods by sea or by air, etc. also have specific principles. Not all items can be imported or exported, or use air ocean cargo logistics services easily.

Here are some disallowed items that are not transported in the air ocean cargo logistics that every customer needs to keep in mind. To avoid the situation of goods being detained, inspected, even having legal problems.

Hazardous goods

Items and materials that endanger the environment or human health are considered dangerous commodities. In addition to compounds with obvious dangers such as acids, radioactive substances, poisons, explosives, et, there are also substances with hidden dangers like magnets, wheelchairs powered by wet batteries, pesticides, breathing equipment with compressed gas,… They are also regarded as dangerous goods that may not be transported in the air ocean cargo logistics service industry.

Dangerous items cannot be brought on airplane
Dangerous items cannot be brought on airplane

Items that cannot be brought on airplane are:

  • Explosives such as bombs, mines, detonators, fireworks, fireworks, bullets and other explosives, etc.
  • Flammable substances such as metal, liquefied gas, alcohol, etc. or flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, paint, solvents, etc. Additionally, it is forbidden to transport flammable solids and chemicals in planes.
  • Poisons; infectious substances; corrosive substances such as acids, salts; oxidizing agents, organic detergents, etc.
  • Objects attached to alarm systems such as briefcases, safes, etc.
  • Items that are prohibited from being transported according to the current regulations of the countries and territories that airplane travels to, from, or over.
  • Any material that could endanger passengers is prohibited.

Fragile goods

Fragile items such as glass, wine bottles, etc. are not allowed from being transported in air ocean cargo logistics. However, in case the customer accepts to bear all risks during shipment, the goods will be transported at your request.

Fresh food

Fresh, perishable goods cannot be delivered, or they can only be shipped under specific restrictions. For example, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers and fruits that have been cut from the stem.

Like fragile items, if you accept carriage as checked baggage and accept any damage that may occur in transit, the shipping may be considered.

For fresh items such as shrimp, durian, fish sauce, etc. with unpleasant odor-causing properties, will not be transported as checked baggage or hand luggage. Unless these items are carefully wrapped and packed without emitting an odor, they can be transported, but are limited in weight; for example only about 3 liters or 3 kilograms for fish sauce, 5 kilograms for durian.


Do not bring more than 1 liter of liquid with you and hand luggage. Exceptions include liquids, gels, medications (bring a prescription from a doctor), food or milk for babies (must be accompanied by infants), dietary supplements for medical treatment or other foods. 


Items with monetary value such as jewelry, precious metals, securities, commercial documents, artworks, etc. are also considered prohibited items not delivered in the logistics service industry.

Air Ocean Cargo Logistics contributes to international trade as well as to the national economy
Air Ocean Cargo Logistics contributes to international trade as well as to the national economy

Benefits of Air Ocean Cargo Logistics

This form of combined transport is making important contributions to international trade as well as to the national economy. The core values can be mentioned as:

  • Reduce logistics costs & Just in time, thereby helping to reduce the cost of goods and production expenses.
  • Expanding the transport network and high economic efficiency: due to the combination of modes of transport, it is capable of transporting heavy, long, and bulky items in enormous quantities.
  • Increase competitiveness in terms of price and quality of products.
  • Helping manufacturing and trading businesses quickly access the market, especially the global market through a large and highly connected transport network.
  • Tighten the cooperation relationship between the government and businesses, reduce unnecessary documents for the shipping goods.

Infinite Air Ocean Cargo Logistics  Service

You can continue to choose air freight for quick and easy control if you need to ship in bulk and your goods are still light, or if you are out of stock as a result of selling out too quickly and in a short period of time. If you decide to ship a large number of items by sea in order to reduce shipping costs. However, the waiting period is too long and the warehouse is out of stock, you can ask the supplier to ship a small number of items by air in order to prevent running out-of-inventory while the remainder will be shipped by sea. Therefore, it is Air Ocean Cargo Logistics.

For example: you order 5,000 pieces but specify that 500 of them be delivered by air and 4,500 by sea. As a result, it both saves transportation costs and does not affect business strategy, incurs storage and management costs….  Infinite frequently consults with such solutions to maximize advantages for clients.

Utilize the services of freight forwarders from Infinite 

When transporting commodities by sea, you will need a freight forwarder to handle customs procedures and solve any issues that may arise, such as paying tax obligations and managing documents. These professionals will also help you efficiently export your goods to other countries.

When moving by air, you do not need to worry about those things, because the company you transfer will also take on the role of freight forwarder – they will handle it all: Warehousing, consolidating retail, packing containers, transporting to the port , customs clearance, door-to-door delivery… With Air Ocean Cargo Logistics  Service, Infinite can offer you the best support possible for door-to-door packages.

Infinite with more than 14 years of experience is definitely not a bad choice for you
Infinite with more than 14 years of experience will be your best choice

Why choose Infinite Air Ocean Cargo Logistics 

There are many forwarding units on the transport market today, so you should carefully survey their prices and accompanying support services. Building a relationship with a freight forwarder will be very beneficial, and all processes will be resolved quickly. Choose a reputable and experienced unit to help you with your first time transportation. Infinite with more than 14 years of experience is definitely not a bad choice for you.

Cost Optimization

Low cost, fast delivery time and outstanding safety, so this is the preferred mode of transport for many people. You will receive top-notch ocean shipping services from Infinite at the most competitive rates for any kind of cargo you consign, from domestic to international shipping.

When using our service, you will constantly be guaranteed of the security of your goods. Committed to deliver the goods to the specified place and on time specified in the contract with fast sending speed. Staff with many professional skills along with hospitality will assist you as much as we can. Cooperate with Infinite and become a long-term partner, you will get various exclusive discounts.

Increased efficiency through our worldwide coverage

As top-tier logistics experts, our team understands your needs and provides you with the right air and sea freight solutions.

Through our worldwide network and close associations with leading carriers, as well as specialists in logistics, we assist you with working on functional proficiency, while decreasing expenses.