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Door-to-Door: A Smarter Delivery Method

Door-to-Door: A Smarter Delivery Method

In the express delivery industry, door-to-door transportation is no longer strange to many people because of its characteristics suitable for both consumers and large businesses. In the current era of economic development, the need to transport goods to other countries is increasing, so to avoid the risk of damage or confusion during air or sea transportation, shipping Door-to-Door is the perfect solution.

What is Door-to-Door?

Door-to-door is understood as “from the consignment warehouse to the customer’s house”. Accordingly, the door to door service will include the transportation of goods to the implementation of necessary paperwork, customs procedures, customs clearance procedures, … to export goods to foreign countries or import goods into the country.

Door to door transportation includes 2 types of services:

  • Domestic door to door: is a form of transporting goods from the sender to the recipient within the territory of Vietnam.
  • International door to door: is a form of transportation from the sender to the receiver on a global scale, including the implementation of import and export customs procedures.
Door-to-Door Delivery
Door-to-Door Delivery

Advantages of door to door service

  • Pick up and deliver goods to customers: Customers don’t need to spend much effort. Just choose your pick up and drop off points. Goods will be picked up and delivered by the service provider. Saves both time and effort for service users.
  • Goods are guaranteed quality through door-to-door service, unlike other youth shipping services.
  • Time of delivery – receipt of goods and transportation of goods is a direct agreement of the parties with each other. There are no restrictions on time or place from one side.
  • Depending on the requirements, delivery times can be long or quick.
  • Customs clearance and other customs processes won’t be a problem for you because the service provider will handle everything.
  • By utilizing secure package service, you can save more on freight charges.
  • When the items are received “boom” or there is a problem, the policies of receiving and returning goods are still in place.
  • Receiving and delivering goods is done in accordance with the process, with a signed receipt, a photo of the bill, etc. to provide a foundation for later problem-solving involving the goods.
  • If using COD shipping, the consignee has the option to view and inspect the products before making a purchase, or they can choose to refuse delivery if the goods are not provided in accordance with the terms of the original purchase agreement.
  • Customers will simplify procedures and not have to use any other transit services.. Especially if customers use international door-to-door delivery, the shipping unit will always be responsible for carrying out customs procedures, you do not need to worry about this problem anymore.

Activities in Door-to-door delivery

How to use door to door service:

To use the door-to-door delivery service successfully, you need to learn and follow a certain detailed process that you can refer to the following:

Find out and connect with service provider to request freight services:

Sellers need to find a reputable and quality service provider to cooperate with. By consulting in advance the information on the company’s website or through people who have used the service of this unit. This step will help you evaluate and choose a reputable and quality door-to-door shipping service provider and avoid fraudulent units.

Direct exchange and agreement based on service contract:

When starting to cooperate with a certain unit, it is necessary to have a contract with clear documents. It should clearly state the benefits, obligations and responsibilities of both parties. Only in this way can both parties benefit and perform their duties voluntarily.

The staff of the shipping company will come to your house to receive the goods:

The seller has to bring the goods to the shipping company to write a mailing order, and hand it to the staff for. However, nowadays, people just need to write an electronic application and then send it to the carrier by submitting it to the system. After receiving the bill of lading, the unit will send someone to the seller’s address to pick up the goods. Then, they collect the order to the warehouse and arrange to send it to the buyer.

Packing goods to ensure integrity after transportation:

Packages will be packed by the seller first and then shipped. However, after receiving the goods, the warehouse staff will check again. When they make sure the order has been carefully packed, they will ship the goods.

Carry out the transportation and storage process:

If the buyer has not received it yet, they can reschedule the delivery. The maximum number of appointments can be up to 3-4 times, depending on the regulations of the carrier.

How to use door-to-door service
How to use door-to-door service

Carrying out customs procedures:

When the seller delivers the international order to the shipping unit, they will deal directly with customs. However, the price of the service is included in most units for the seller, so the seller do not need to worry about these complicated procedures

Loading and unloading of goods on transportation:

Most of the shipping services are fully applied by land, sea, air, etc. Depending on the case, the seller will choose the shipping path of the package. Accordingly, the time the receive goods will depend on this condition.

Goods are transported to the warehouse in the recipient area:

The goods have been stored at a warehouse near the recipient’s place and will be prepared to be delivered to the recipient.

Staff gradually deliver goods to customer:

When the goods are delivered by the door-to-door , the buyer does not have to go out to receive them. Instead, they just need to stay at home, the staff will bring the goods to their doorstep.

Infinite Door-to-door Service

Infinite Co., Ltd provides customers with the most prestigious and quality logistics services. With 14 years of expertise transportation, particularly in the sector of Door-to-door delivery, Infinite is therefore among the best service providers. Team of experienced professionals and dedicated work will meet all the transportation needs of customers from the smallest packages to bulky shipments.

Outstanding advantages in Infinite’s Door-to-Door delivery service package

  • The goods are guaranteed to be absolutely safe.
  • Shipping costs are more economical than other methods
  • Pick up goods & deliver to your doorstep, customers do not need to spend too much time
  • Time can be short or long depending on customer requirements
  • Save a lot of time and effort for customers
  • There are return policies when problems occur.

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