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Process and Characteristics of Freight Services

Process and Characteristics of Freight Services

The need for transportation of goods among people nowadays is growing daily. This is an extremely important business activity that directly affects the development of businesses and the whole economy. Follow this article to better understand the concept of freight services and the freight process at Infinite.

What is freight?

The term “freight” describes the transfer of commodities from one location to another. When the labor force, commerce, and demand for human movement all grew quickly, transportation services were formed. This is frequently related to transportation services where there is an agreement between the sender and the receiver. After that, the goods will then be transported by a variety of methods.

Both the mobility of people and the distribution and circulation of goods depend heavily on transportation. If the economy were a tree, then the transportation system would be the means by which nutrients would be transported to feed the tree, its branches, and its leaves. The tree could not survive and grow without this process, just as an economy without transportation could not develop and eventually perish. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize transportation for socioeconomic growth.

It is essential to prioritize transportation for socioeconomic growth
It is essential to prioritize transportation for socioeconomic growth

Types of freight:

Freight services

Feature of Freight Services

Transportation of goods is a service, so it is different from manufactured products. In general, freight services have the following basic characteristics:

  • Transporting goods is a service product, so it cannot be seen, heard or held before buying. Due to this, the buyers cannot determine in advance whether or not their products will be delivered on time before they actually receive them.
  • Freight services might offer inconsistent quality. There are two causes for this: objective and subjective factors. One can include objective factors like the weather conditions, traffic infrastructure, accidents, vehicle breakdowns, etc. Subjective factors such as quality of means of transport, warehouse, etc. have a significant impact on stability of shipping.
  • Due to the difference in demand during the peak season (holidays, Tet, etc.) and off-season, transportation demand is prone to fluctuations. When demand for transportation is high during peak hours, logistics organizations frequently have to mobilize a sizable transport force to meet the demand; when demand is low during off-hours, the cost of operation and maintenance rises.

The modes of freight service

Modes of transporting goods
Modes of transporting goods
  • Road
  • Rail
  • Waterway
  • Airline

Participants in freight services

The feature of the transportation of goods is to serve the needs of buying and selling goods. Therefore, this process has many participants, the current popular will include the following subjects:

  • Buyer: the person whose name is in the commercial contract and pays for the goods
  • Seller: The seller in a commercial contract
  • Consignor: A person hired to send goods, to contract for carriage with a freight forwarder
  • Consignee: The recipient of the goods
  • Shipper: The person sending the products directly signs a contract with the carrier
  • Carrier: the person who carries the goods from the point of delivery to the point of receipt upon the contract

The relationship between freight services and logistics

Logistics and freight services are intertwined, hence it is accurate to say that logistics includes freight.

Logistics is a supply chain of goods and products to end users. Logistics includes the activities of planning, executing, controlling, storing and moving goods from the producer to the end user to meet the various needs of the customer.

To complete the logistics supply chain, it will be necessary to efficiently circulate and transport goods to customers. Using freight services is a necessary method for goods to reach their final destination. Therefore, freight service is a particularly important link in the logistics supply chain.

Infinite freight service

Shipping items

Fresh goods

Infinite has a special treatment method for fresh cargo such as fresh meat, seafood, medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables. We also equip cold storage for frozen goods and help ensure that the customer’s goods are always in the best condition.


We have special ways of transporting liquid goods such as petroleum, chemicals, alcohol, liquefied petroleum gas, corrosives, acids, etc.


Dry products

Infinite provides cargo transportation services with products that have their own characteristics in terms of packaging methods, preservation modes, loading and unloading methods, physical and chemical properties of goods such as tobacco, iron and steel, equipment and machinery…

Besides, we also accept to transport other goods such as: clothes, cosmetics, shoes, …

Delivery time

Infinite consistently complies with the customer’s request that the goods be delivered as promptly as possible to the destination. In order to accomplish this, we have worked to continually expand the knowledge of our team so they can respond as soon as possible to circumstances. Additionally, we work to improve transportation infrastructure and broaden both local and foreign delivery routes.This is the goal and mission of our company: to help customers save time.

Shipping rates

Freight charges are a crucial consideration for Infinite Company while competing with other freight service providers. As a result, our freight rates are always more affordable than those on the outside market. Additionally, the cost level will be greatly influenced by elements like the delivery location, the type of goods, the volume of cargo, and the shipping mode.

The process of performing freight services

Receiving customer information

The person who needs to transport (can be Buyer, Seller, or Consignor) sends the required information to the transport company. We will send staff to the place to check, advise and pack goods for the customers.


The transportation company will determine the specific information about the goods such as weight, size, mode of transport, time to calculate the shipping price for the customer. Then proceed to make a contract of carriage.

Receiving goods

Infinite will send a car to the place to receive the goods and sign the delivery and receipt of goods so that there will be no unnecessary controversy about the quantity and volume of goods delivered and received.


Customer’s goods will be transported to the right place agreed on the order contract. Both parties sign to confirm delivery of goods and carry out loading and unloading (if any). At the end of this process, we send a debit note (Debit Note) and ask the customer to pay for the freight.